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Business Management Advisory

Valued Partnership

With 20 years of valued experienced observing the best practices of behavioral science, Praxis Partners is does not simply provide theoretical knowledge but valued actionable solutions.

  • Systems and process implementations
  • Third-party ombudsman services
  • Fractional and Interim C-Suite solutions
  • Outplacement opportunities

“If you want someone to do a good job, give them a good job to do.” – Frederick Hertzberg

Featured Articles

Does Money Impact Motivation?

What role does money play on motivation? We look at the evolution of the study of motivation and analyze 4 expert perspectives along the way.
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Your First Step: Developing an Internal Locus of Control

Now more than ever, self empowerment and developing the right mindset are critical to not only get to the finish line but through it. These 4 key steps will help you develop your internal locus of control.
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Goal Setting: The Power of Compounding Interests

Acronyms may be fun and help make the Goal Setting process a little bit easier for managers but are they effective? Goals may be SMART, FAST and PURE, but the most fundamental criteria for organizational success is often overlooked.
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The Underpinnings of Success: 7 Decisions in Career and Life Planning

Most often there is a very fine line between success and failure in life. The decisions we make along the way and in the ever important “moments of truth” determine which side of that line we come down on. Here are 7 areas in which the decisions you make will build a successful career and life.
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